I am a SAHM and wife. I have two kids; 2 year old daughter Carys and infant son Tanis and of course there is my husband collectively the reason for my gradual slip into insanity. Oh I forgot about the cats, 3 of them.

We live in a 2 bedroom mobile home with no room to spare. On the brightside it has a yard a huge bonus considering both children love to be outside.

I believe in attachment parenting and don’t believe for an instant it’s spoiling my kids. I tried but failed at breastfeeding but my kids are thriving anyway. It’s important to raise spiritual kids with good morals and a respect for the envriment, I try to do that. I am an eclectic pagan and am raising my kids in the same belief while encouraging them to alwaysbe

open-minded and accepting of all people.

This is but a small part of who I am and this blog my attempt to remain sane in my crazy surroundings with the mad people I call family.