The other day I finally gave Tanis his first haircut. Being a little short on funds I decided to do it myself, not recommended. Now I really should have waited till I could go and have it done but I was just getting tired of hearing people call him a girl, people telling me that he really needed a hair cut, and mostly from all the food and formula that was getting it since he is such a messy eater. So in a random act of randomness I got the clippers got a towel and went to work.

My first indication that I should not being doing this and that it was a horrible idea was when I couldn’t that the clippers to work. I knew that I wanted the longest setting but that wasn’t the one my husband used to shave so I had to switch them and after ten minutes of struggle and breaking the one my husband had on I was successful…kinda. Ya I may have just broken my husbands clippers and he was probably going to be upset but hey putting the other size on was much easier and I did that without incident. Next problem of course was that the would not turn on, and every charger I tried to plug them into would not fit or would not make the light turn green indicating that I had at last gotten the right one. At this point I should have given up but now I was taking it personally that this clippers would not cooperate. Giving up on the charger I found a new battery and just went that way.

Now I was ready to go but now Tanis was also ready for a nap, he could wait. I was wrong. I sat down and went to work trying to trim the hair of a screaming, squirming baby, with the assistance of a crying two-year old and oddly enough through all this I expected it to turn out OK. Yet again I was wrong. One side was trimmed even (kinda), neat (kinda) and clean (kinda). The other was choppy (very), messy (very), and just plain terrible. Admitting defeat I put settled him down for his nap and waited for my husband to get home.

Inevitably when my husband got home he was upset at Tanis’s hair, but laughing none the less and furious about the broken clippers now no longer laughing. My lesson learned I will never again try to cut, trim or style either of my kid’s hair.